Monday, February 12, 2018

Who knew....

Who knew....I'd neglect my blog for just over two years...

I would like to say I've been busy traveling the world or making some great discovery. But truth is, I've just been lazy. Just over two years of laziness. Two years of working and taking an occasional trip and two years of neglecting things. Or I could say it's two years I've spent living life. Routine life, working, eating, sleeping, repeat.

I have been trying to create more. Sometimes succeeding, mostly not. Accepting that things just haven't gotten accomplished on the timeline I might have liked. But more importantly, accepting that it's ok I didn't follow some schedule or meet some arbitrary deadline. Promising myself I will try to do better.

And so here I am now trying to revive my blog. To use this to share my creativity. I don't do a great deal of scrapbooking because let's face it how many cat or food pictures can I take/document. I still love mixed media as much as ever and can't get enough Dyan and Dina products. And yes, I've fallen down the planning rabbit hole though honestly I don't have that much to plan. It does offer another creative outlet and so I'm immersing myself there (read dumping all my money on another hobby). But everyone needs a vice.

So in the coming days/weeks/months/etc. I hope I can continue here and share some of what I am working on. Share a thought or two along the way. With that said...

....stay tuned.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday Night Play Time

So much for spending the day creating. After breakfast and an errand I decided I needed rest more than creating. Obviously I was correct since I took a FOUR HOUR nap. Once I finally got my eyes open good, did a little laundry and watched the Super Bowl halftime I retreated to the studio to play. Much like my energy, my creative juices are low but I did at least make a start.

I used some gesso and modeling paste then added various paints and sprays from my February Flying Unicorn Mixed Art Kit. I have no real vision of a finished product and thus no clue where this is going. And for now, I think I am done for the night. Perhaps after it sits a bit I will have some inspiration and direction.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's About Damn Time

January was a busy month and I finally sat down tonight to play a bit. I've been wanting/meaning to for, well, days. I've had all weekend to play but waited till late on Sunday to even attempt anything. I looked and looked at my Flying Unicorn goodies and even surfed looking for inspiration but felt inadequate. Finally I just jumped in and played. What you see is the final result. Maybe this is the motivation I need to get creating!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Itching to be Creative

I had some amazing creative opportunities last year; from scrap retreats to mixed media classes with star designers/artists. If only I could channel all the desire to create into actually creating. I manage to play some and then life gets in the way. Even last years goal to participate in the Documented Life Project derailed...about February/March. I didn't give up I just didn't make it a priority and dedicate the time. Somewhat like rehab, I would create a bit then fall off the wagon.

Even with life and dry spells I did take part in some amazingly inspiring events. Classes with Dina Wakley, Dyan Reaveley and Debby Schuh. And the most inspiring; the first ever Uni-Camp scrap retreat held by the Flying Unicorn. THAT weekend in Temple was so much more than I ever imagined it would be. I met an amazing group of talented ladies from all over the country and Canada. A diverse group of ladies who melded together to form some wonderful friendships. I loved everything I learned that weekend and all I continue to learn. I am anxiously awaiting the notice that sign ups are open for Uni-Camp this year. (I'll share more over time of the retreat weekend including links to the blogs of many of the talented ladies I met and am now have the pleasure of calling friend.)

Today's itch to create comes with the reveal of the new Dyan Reaveley Dylusion products by Ranger. The big Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) show is this weekend and various companies are posting their upcoming products. Today it was Ranger's upcoming Dylusions line that has me drooling. I LOVE Dyan Reaveley and her products and look forward to getting my hands on the new releases. Additionally I hope to have the opportunity to take classes from Lady Dy using her new products.

I have had the pleasure of taking classes from Dyan over the last year, having traveled to Forney, New Braunfels and Waxahachie to do so. It's all been great, creative, messy fun.

Just a few of my creations with the guidance of Lady Dy. (Sorry for the sideways pics--not sure how to rotate them.)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Revival Time

No, I'm not referring to religion though I'm sure in the eyes of some I could use it. I'm referring to this blog. This poor, sad, neglected blog. It's been way tooooo long since I've updated anything. Oh I've thought of it often but never quite manage to sit my behind down and do it. Instead I spend (waste) my time sitting in the living room with the honey in front of the tv (while he watches various things) as I play on my kindle scrolling facebook, pintetest or playing solitaire.

Time to break the cycle and start new habits. Yes, I know that sounds like a resolution which is not something I make. But if it makes others happy to view it that way then who am I to correct them? As for me, I will continue in my delusions of referring to changing habits.

One habit I did develop mid 2015 and nurtured through the year was going to the gym. Yes, me, the girl who hates that sort of thing. I have a gym membership and actually use it. And I can tell when I've been away too long. I'm not going to win any lifting competitions or such but I do try to get to the gym at least three times a week (sometimes more believe it or not) and generally do at least 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill-sometimes up to an hour. Yeah me.

But I digress. Back to my main topic: I am going to revive this blog. I am back to working on my creativity so I have hopes of posting creations here, among other things. Over the coming days I hope to do some clean work here-updating links, adding new ones, etc. Sharing past adventures and those in the works. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bad Blogger.....

Despite my declaration at the start of the year I have failed. I am a bad blogger....I can never seem to find the time; correction, I never take the time to update my blog. My craftiness the past few months has been hit and miss. I think about it almost ALL the time but I don't sit down to create. Instead I find myself just flat out being lazy. Instead I spend, no waste, endless hours pouring through Pintrest or watching creative videos when I should be creating.

My studio/scrap room/art room is a disaster with stuff everywhere and I do not want to take the time to clean and organize though it badly needs it. I would rather create yet the disorder prevents me from doing so. What a vicious cycle. On occasion I do manage to at the very least clear my table enough to do some creating. At those times I find myself sitting in front of my art journal basically just slapping paint on a page. I never know which way to 'go' when I'm doing that. I do however enjoy adding the colors to the page and moving them around.

The weekend weather is bordering on nasty and the honey has mentioned maybe going to a movie. If that does not happen perhaps I will sit and play with paint and try to get myself on track...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

One and done....

Week one of 2015 is behind us. Finally started the second Documented Life Challenge tonight which is the picture above. Not sure where I'm going with it and not feeling inspired but was fun to just play with paint for a few minutes. There's nothing that says everything has to be done in one setting and are cannot really not be rushed so I'll just wait and see where it goes.

The work week was busy as expected and I'm still trying to back into routine. The weekend was pretty much uneventful which is just fine given the fact it rained almost the entire time and was cold. The honey went hunting on his days off which meant I was on my own and got away with continuing to do nothing. Unfortunately he didn't get anything so no backstrap this season. Now he says he's taking me hog hunting in a month or so--we will see.

Next weekend I've got a scrapbook retreat so I really need to get my things together so I can leave Friday just as soon as I can get out of the office--hoping to slip out a little early. Unlike last year I have an idea of the projects I want to work on so I will spend the evenings after work this week getting things together. My main goal is to get my 2014 Project Life finished and start 2015.

I am hoping to do more crafty things this year and I am fortunate to have a honey who supports that. When I find new things and tell him his reply is to get it even without knowing the cost. The annual Craft and Hobby Association Show was this weekend so thanks to facebook I've been seeing all sorts of goodies I can hardly wait to get my hands on!